Don't Die With Your Story Inside

Join us for this transformational journey that will unlock the power of your podcast or book!

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COMING UP! Tues., 16 July @ 8am PT / 11am ET / 5pm CET

(60 min. of content, 30 min. of Q&A)

“Yesterday, I attended a fabulous Masterclass with Ben Gioia and Donna Kunde titled 'Don't Die With Your Story Inside'. There were so many takeaways about branding, marketing, and refining the creative process during those brief 90 minutes.”

— Jim Donadio, ERG Subject Matter Expert, Training Producer/Facilitator, HR Professional, Seasoned Service Industry Leader

Want to Turn Your Story—and Expertise—into more Influence, Income, and Impact?

Here's how to skip the branding, podcast, and book mistakes that cost most people years (and millions)...so you can fast-track your business (and impact) instead!

In this exclusive masterclass, hosted by acclaimed experts Donna Kunde and Ben Gioia, you’ll:

  • Use Proven Strategies to share your message that make you stand out as a unique (and authentic) expert, authority, or thought leader
  • Discover the Magic of the Champagne Glass Pyramid so you can easily craft compelling content and a year’s worth of marketing
  • Don't Wait Until You're Done... instead you can attract more leads, clients, and partners, BEFORE you’ve even finished your podcast or book

And much more!!!

Meet Your Hosts

Donna Kunde is a podcast host, radio personality (reaching 184 countries), and creator of the Influence Radio™ Network. She’s the co-author of the international bestseller, THE INFLUENCERS FORMULA and creator of Business Podcasting Made Easy.

Donna helps her clients create a global radio show, which automatically becomes 52 podcast episodes, sales funnels, courses, blogs, and more… all with the click of a button. She is a decorated military musician and served over 20 years in the US Army. During that time, Lyme disease almost ended her life. But instead, she got behind the mic.

To date, Donna has produced more than 15,000 podcasts (with one million downloads). Several are in the top 100. Donna is a public speaker, one of Virginia's top 50 Women Leaders, and received the Lead and Lift Others Culture award from John Maxwell. And she will definitely lift you up during this deep dive!

Thanks to the Influence With A Heart® Method, Ben Gioia's clients write great books in as little as 5 weeks, enjoy 5-figure speaking fees, and attract 6-figure consulting. (That’s even BEFORE publishing!) He is the ONLY book coach who starts the writing process with proven, strategic business development that attracts revenue.

Ben teaches consultants, coaches, leaders, speakers, and small-business owners how to make 6- or 7-figures without selling a single book! A 4X, international bestseller, podcast, and radio host, Ben’s teachings are used by more than 80,000 people.

He’s trained 100s of millionaires at Stanford, helped a Fortune 100 create a mindfulness and empathy video game for 20,000 employees, and launched the world’s largest magazine (AARP). In a former life, Ben faced death four times in (in 72 hours) on a hike in India. And that just made him want to help more and more people!

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